What is YOGO?

YOGO is a digital soundscape based on physical and mental exercises inspired by yoga and meditation. Each YOGO takes three minutes and is designed to create calm surroundings in the class room and improve student engagement. 

Kids, as well as teachers, depend on a healthy learning environment. Quiet in the class room increases concentration and strenghtens the community. 

YOGO helps you create structure and provides an array of health related benefits for your students. 



YOGO benefits


YOGO creates a calm class room environment, strengthens kids focus and learning ability.


It is vital for children to exercise 45 minutes a day. YOGO allows your students physical and mental breaks that help create a healthy and fun day at school.


When kids practice meditation, they actively strengthen their ability to learn. YOGO is based on simple yoga and meditation exercises that increase childrens focus and concentration.

  • Calm surroundings support kids' learning abilities

    "YOGO is a lovely digital tool that works really well as a break in between teaching activities..." Teacher, Denmark

    Quiet surroundings make way for immersion and strong social relations. Exposing children to quiet surroundings enables them to, not only learn better, but also makes way for a quiet mind. Upon playing a YOGO, your students will not only calm down completely. They will be open and receptive to whatever learning challenges they are faced with.



    Recommendations for YOGO success

    • Be courageous, structured and, most importantly, persistent.
    • Include the whole team of teachers per class and the school management, so that the children can experience a clear structure and become even more familiar with YOGO.
    • Have patience. With time, noise and disruptions will decrease and create a more calm environment and a stronger foundation for learning.





  • Conscious Breaks increases the wellbeing among teachers

    Our teachers are very happy with YOGO as it enhances their wellbeing. 3 Minutes Breaks can support them throughout the day”, Marie Marchand, Principal at City Kids in Hong Kong

    Marie Marchand has been teaching for 25 years in Canada, Switzerland and Hong Kong. See the entire interview with Marie Marchand on our facebook page @yogobreaks and listen to her experiences with YOGO. 



    With a school license you have access to YOGO for both children and adults.

    As a teachers you can use YOGO

    • To start your day
    • Before class
    • A break during the day
    • Before you go home

    YOGO prevents stress, increases job satisfaction and improves focus.


Music makes it fun! 

Remember you can listen to our modern + tranquil sounds without lyrics.

You have 15 soothing tracks to absorb and choose from.

Our music has been exclusively composed just for YOGO.

YOGO at home helps focus at school


On the YOGO app you will find all the YOGOs you know from school + wunderful sleep universes for both children and adults. 
Sleep and wellbeing is often related. If we sleep well, we have more energy and with more energy we perform better and at the end of the day we sleep better. 
Recommend the YOGO app to parents and give them a great tool to get more sleep in the family.  


Read more about YOGO in the family

  • More time to learn - more time to live

    Franciska is the founder of YOGO.

    "I believe resilience is vital when facing the unknown. Resilient people are able to see change as an opportunity to self reflect, learn og develop. Through technology, digitalization and smart thinking I will provide next generation with valuable tools to get ready for an unknown future." Franciska Valstorp Cortsen, Founder & CEO

    Franciska has a Master of Commerce in Design and Communication Management. Franciska founded YOGO in 2012 after having worked 12 years with values, concept development, communication and business development – as an independent consultant and as well as a senior consultant at Bergsøe 4, Framfab and Liquidminds.

  • YOGO in Hong Kong

    Rikke lives in Hong Kong and is educated within Yin/Yang Yoga. This has further been supplied with a teacher training for pre/and post natal yoga as well as Yoga for kids and kids with special needs providing the kids with tools to find inner calmness, concentration, and body awareness. 

    Rikke is teaching kids, adolescents and adults and find that the elements from her yoga and mindfulness training provide a good foundation for taking a time out to nourish the mind, body and soul. YOGO is a combination of these elements and can contribute to that break which we all need throughout the day. 

    YOGO is easy and accessible to work with. YOGO creates that space, that break that will allow us to focus, breathe and concentrate.