• 3-minute Energy Breaks

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YOGO has uniquely combined the benefits of yoga and meditation with exclusively made 3 minute soundscapes offering you both moments for renewal and rest. For more energy, enhanced focus and better sleep. 

Why 3 minutes?

Because it’s long enough to have a lasting effect and short enough to fit into the busiest day. YOGO offers tiny potent pockets that can be carved into your day at work and can easily fit in right before sleep. #threeminutesmatter

Anytime & Anywhere

Anytime your brain is swirling, you feel like your world is spinning or you want to get into a state of renewal or rest, listen to a 3 minute YOGO at the bus stop, your desk, in bed, the waiting room or any ordinary moment. #yogoanytimeanywhere

Work & Home

YOGO is for adults and children while at school, work, and home. YOGO believes that getting calm ignites the focus required for optimal learning and development, that mindfulness is the source for happiness and purpose, and that the breath is the fuel for energy, resilience, and rest. #yogobreaks

"In today´s rush, we all think to much - seek to much - want to much - and forget the joy of just being" -Eckhart Tolle

  • Stretch & Renew

    How often do you schedule in breaks?

    Taking small breaks can help you refrech your focus and get more done. Choose between yoga exercises streching your body or calm meditations. All exercises are just 3 minutes. 

    Listen to YOGO before a meeting, at your desk or with your colleagues.


‘The mind is like water. When it’s turbulent, it’s difficult to see. When it’s calm everything become clear’ - Prasad Mahes

  • Unleash Your Full Potential

    After 12 years of working with concept development, communication, business culture and values, in 2013, Franciska Valstorp Cortsen founded Generation5, the home of YOGO.

    "I have learned that small initiatives can achieve significant positive changes. With YOGO, we have developed a simple tool that has a big effect for the individual and the community. YOGO is a break during a busy work day, it’s a calming and focusing tool for children at school, and it’s a gentle reset for everyone before bedtime. YOGO strengthens the human potential at the most common pillars of our lives: school, work, and home – and it’s for everyone.

    Franciska Valstorp Cortsen, YOGO Founder & CEO