• Easy Energy for a Changing World • Get Calm, Focused & Ready Anytime Anywhere • For Adults & Kids #threeminutesmatter


Breathing, movement and concentration exercises

YOGO is a combination of simple yogic exercises complemented with modern sound. Each YOGO track has a different focus, a unique sound and a variety of

themes and movements. YOGO can help you feeling more relaxed in situations in which you feel challenged. A free space that allows for smiling, peace and quiet.


  • Facts about YOGO


    • Yoga and meditation.
    • New energy anytime anywhere.
    • 3 minute breaks for kids and adults.
    • Music can be listened to without speak.
    • Languages: Danish, Swedish, English.
    • Free download with free YOGOs and additional purchase option.
    • Downloaded in 43 different countries.

3 minutes matter

A YOGO lasts 3 minutes, long enough to try to just be present “here and now”, and maybe make a “mental time out”, and short enough to fit into your day. You can use YOGO as often as you would like. Anytime - anywhere.

No oxygen no energy

YOGO helps you focus on your breath. Breathing provides the body with oxygen and without oxygen, we cannot function.
90% of our energy comes from breathing and 10% comes from food and drink.
A lack of oxygen makes you tired, tense and distracted.

Sweet dreams and good night

Listen to a YOGO before bed time and calm down with the ones you love. "I am calm. I am happy. I feel tired. The butterly then leaves your blanket and lands softly on your forehead. It gives you a little kiss goodnight, then flies off again." Listen to "Kiss from a butterfly" in the "Calm down before sleep" kids category.

  • Resilience is vital when facing the unknown

    "I believe resilience is vital when facing the unknown. Resilient people are able to see change as an opportunity to self reflect, learn og develop. Through technology, digitalization and smart thinking I develop valuable tools to get ready for an unknown future." Franciska Valstorp Cortsen, Founder & CEO

    Franciska founded Generation5 in 2013 after having worked 12 years with values, concept development, communication and business development – as an independent consultant and as well as a senior consultant at Bergsøe 4, Framfab and Liquidminds. Franciska has a Master of Commerce in Design and Communication Management.