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  • Teach your kids how to unwind.


What is YOGO?

YOGO is a digital soundscape consisting of physical and mental exercises inspired by yoga and meditation. Each YOGO takes 3 minutes and is specificially designed to increase your family's health. A family activity that prevents conflicts, strengthens focus and relationships.

The YOGO app can assist you when putting your kids to bed. You can also chose to restore and relax by listing to a YOGO directly from you smartphone.  

The YOGO app can be downloaded for free on your smartphone via the app store or google store.



Health means physical and mental balance. Use YOGO's app at home and support your family's health.

No oxygen no energy

YOGO helps you focus on your breath. Breathing provides the body with oxygen and without oxygen, we cannot function.
90% of our energy comes from breathing and 10% comes from food and drink.
A lack of oxygen makes you tired, tense and distracted.

Sleep Tight

Structure. Comfort. For children and grownups. Listen to a YOGO before bed time and calm down with the ones you love.

  • "As a parent, what's really most important, is having happy kids...". Lennard Kunde, Founder of LINK CPH


    Healthy timeouts for the whole family 

    Children who thrive sleep well at night, get plenty of excercise and maintain strong social relations. YOGO supports the family's well-being and is easy to use and implement no matter where you are. Whether you need assistance creating a safe and sound environment before bedtime og want to help you children become more focused prior to homework, YOGO is an easy alternative.