• Increase your physical and mental health at work

What is YOGO?

YOGO is a digital soundscape consisting of 3-minute long excercises based on yoga and mindfullness. YOGO has been developed in close collaberation with certified Yoga Teachers and is specificialy designed to increase physical and mental health at the work place. Use YOGO as your healthy timeout and become focused and energized, anytime.



YOGO is your mental and physical timeout that makes way for a healthy and resilient work culture.


YOGO is based on yoga that stretches and strengthens your muscles, brings fresh oxygen to your brain and boost your blood circulation.

3 Minutes Matter

Research shows 3 minutes matter. YOGO is based on energizing breath work that makes you calm and centered.

  • "I've discovered just how important healthy breaks are...". Christian Sundenæs, Entrepreneur


    3 Minutes Matter

    Being balanced means being a better version of you in terms of both work effort and being a great colleague. YOGO helps you stay balanced. Whether you need to move your body or calm your mind, YOGO can balance you out immidetely. 3 minutes matter.  




  • "My vision with YOGO is to achieve a healthy and engaged culture in schools, corporate life and in the society..". Franciska Valstorp Cortsen, Founder


    YOGO provides mental energy